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Client satisfaction is paramount -  Full disclosure, transparency, accountability, fluid communications and quality assurance is the positive platform we provide when engaging a new client. A new client for us is not just about building a project its an opportunity to establish a genuine long term relationship. We have many past clients that remain connected to us both professionally and socially years after their projects are completed.


  • We stand behind what we build!
  • Our team is always professional, honest, fair and patient.
  • We put your best interests first.



Feeling overwhelmed, excited, and uncertain all at the same time are natural feelings every new client has, You are not alone!




Corporate Evolution & Innovation


Evolution and innovation are very important to us and to our corporate success. We have recognized during the past decades common difficulties for owners relating to decision making and selection. Most owners do not have a great feel for when then they need to have items picked out and most contractors haven't evolved sufficiently enough to change this consistent problem.  This situation is a historical breakdown of the general contracting industry, not the owners. Too many companies work using the same model they started with and have the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality. We take notice of situations like this and act on our observations, we evolve.


We have created an interactive tool that walks our owners through the selection process. This tool is filled with explanations, details of processes, photos and suggestions to assist our owner in making decisions.  We do not give you a word document list that says select your lights by "X" date or your plumbing fixtures by "X" date.


Our "Progressive Shopping & Decision" tool will walk you through every aspect, keeps track of your selections guaranteeing you don't forget an item.



Quality Control


Quality control is another area we have evolved well beyond our competition. We have developed an enormous program broken down into every trade covering every aspect of building. Our "Project Master"  works as a tracking system allowing us to keep record of details, situations, issues, items that need correcting or adjusting and prompts us to the next stage of the project. We check, double check and verify.





It is in everyone's best interest to have complete transparency, we believe in sharing project information. If you wonder how our contractors word their individual quotes in comparison to the detailed information we provide in our proposal we are happy to share these documents with you. With our open project records there are no surprises, you will always know actual costs, you can compare actual costs with initial projections, you can make decisions, add to or eliminate portions relating to the scope of work at any time unless a change deviates from the currently recognized building codes.



Advancements In High Efficiency


We recognize industry advancements; We measure options of the ever increasing need for high efficiency practices, we understand how these improvements greatly benefit our clients. When implementing these options we are creating an efficient, healthy environment with positive economical outcomes. With every step we take we greatly reduce dependencies on fossil fuel consumption.

Our continuous research provides the ability for us to produce a superior product, keeps our standards high and it keeps us current on our industry's "Best Practices".  We also recognize not everyone can justifiably afford cutting edge products and the latest emerging technology; If you are a 1st time owner we can make provisions that will fit into your "reasonable" budget and still provide a superior service, superior product and a superior experience. Project Cost levels only effects the general scope of work, our quality and services remain high on every project budget.



Fair, Balanced, Clear and Concise


We follow a staunch ethic of fairness. Our agreements are written in layman's language not legalese, we want to make sure clients understand everything. There are no gray areas in the structure of our agreements, they are simple, clear and concise.






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