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What type of Battery Should You Consider

(This video is for educational purposes only)

Battery Wiring Examples

When comparing batteries you can just compare Stated (Name Plate)

Ah does not equal Ah capacity



DoD = Depth of Discharge


Trojan T105 Led Acid DoD is about 30%

About 3,000 cycles  approximately 3-5 Years

Consistently Using about 50% of the battery


Lithium Ferrous Phosphate   DoD is about 50%

Simpliphi Batteries

Predetermined voltages 12v, 24v, 48v

1 SimpliPhi 24v battery  =  4-Trojan T105

String as many as you want in Parallel.

About 10,000 cycles approximately 10 Years

Consistently Uses about 80% of the Battery

Built in Battery Management System  (BMS)

No overcharge No undercharge

OCDP - OverCurrent Protection Device (Circuit Breaker)


Plug and Play w/standard inverter chargers available today


Can Safely discharge 100% while maintaining 98% efficiency

Has own Breaker

No restrictions on where you can install

Can be installed on its side

No Maintenance

Battery can FREEZE without Damage

Over the life of the system

Lithium Ferrous is about 1/2 the cost of Led Acid

Safe - No Fumes or off gassing




Formula - (Cost / kWh  X Efficiency X #Cycles X DoD)


SIMPLIPHI  3.4-24V    $3,675    3.4kWh    98%  10,000 80%      $0.14

AQUION 24S-83          $995.      2.2kWh    90%  3,750   80%     $0.17

TROJAN T105-RE       $182       1.3kWh    89%  2,700   30%     $0.19

TROJAN IND13-6v      $1,158    4.12kWh  89%  3,700   30%     $0.28

MK 8A8D                     $626       3kWh       90%  1,200   25%     $0.77

Saltwater Battery - "Flow Battery", Zinc-bromine flow Battery  (flow battery (10kWh / 100% DoD))

10 Year Warranty


Cheaper alternative to Lithium Ion




Order of Batteries longevity - LCOE


Lithium Ion


Salt Water (Sodium Ion)


Deep Cycle Gel


Deep Cycle AGM






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